Sunday , 17 December 2017

Organizing by the Moon – New Moon in Virgo September 20, 2017

We have a new moon in Virgo on September 20, and there’s a lot going on with this one. From what I’m seeing, there are several tense aspects overall that are likely to fray the nerves of shy, sensitive Virgo, who is influencing our emotions for the two days leading up the new moon, exact at 1:30 a.m. EDT. Normally a moon in Virgo would be great for organizing, tending to make us all feel more inclined to create A Sense of Order (sorry, but I just couldn’t let that one pass!) from the chaos surrounding us. However, with this new moon, the accompanying aspects are not very harmonious and we may feel out of sorts with our surroundings, both personally and in the world.

We might be more emotionally affected than usual by current events, and current events may be exacerbated by the moon in Virgo, as well as our personal relationships. People might be inclined right now to point out things they see as truths, and with a critical edge. They aren’t saying these things to rock the boat, which Virgo usually doesn’t like to do, but out of a compulsive need to point out imperfections. Don’t argue. Just let them have their say, because it really isn’t them talking, it’s the conflicting energies that are making us all feel a little like we have split personalities. (Who was that person who just spoke out of my mouth and went off??) Take a walk and count to a hundred. It will pass.

With all the noise out in the world, nervous Virgo just wants us to stay in a quiet home and clean house. Cleaning and organizing can be quite therapeutic. It can give us something to focus on and keep us from getting caught up in the craziness of the world. Personally, I find cleaning and organizing the best thing to do when I am highly stressed. It gives me a way channel my energy into a physical activity and it almost functions as a kind of moving meditation to keep my mind from spinning out of control.

TVintage Virgo Postcardhe best way I find this works is to allow myself to free-form. Puttering would be another way to describe it, organizing without much structure; allowing myself to work on whatever element I happen to be attracted to and wandering from area to area. Normally, I don’t recommend this as an actual work strategy as it doesn’t yield very visible or effective results, so you can’t expect to feel like you actually accomplished much. But it’s a good way to burn off excess energy and be somewhat productive at the same time.

This month’s new moon in Virgo ultimately drives us toward re-examining our situation and making some major changes, starting new projects, or restructuring our lives in some way. Last month’s new moon eclipse was the first in a series of six that indicates a period of new beginnings. Last month was a celebration of that beginning; now comes the hard work. Virgo is all about practical work, attending to details, and breaking down processes. If you are serious about changing your life in some way – whether it be getting rid of pervasive household clutter, getting a handle on your ADHD, hammering out a new time management schedule, or setting up a menu for a new healthy eating routine, you will have to commit to planning and implementing the necessary, sometimes radical changes in your lifestyle to achieve these goals.

Moon in Virgo is an excellent time for this because it compels us to break everything down into the most detail to examine it and evaluate it. Figuring out the process, step by step, is ultimately what needs to happen. Too many people say “I want to declutter my house” but they don’t have the first idea of how to begin, what steps to take, or in what order to do them. Is it any wonder, then, that the lofty goal falls by the wayside after only one or two attempts. Without understanding the steps of the process, you are just floundering. It’s the difference between just splashing around in one spot of the pool and actually swimming it’s length. This is really where you should consider bringing in a professional, if not to help with the hands-on work, then to spend a session brainstorming a coVintage Virgo Postcardncrete action list that you can work on by yourself.

This is also a great time for what I call “micro-sorting.” This goes along with the free-form organizing or puttering. Instead of trying to accomplish something grand, like cleaning out the garage, you might get a lot more satisfaction from sitting down and organizing your collections of small stuff. Sort out all your scrapbooking supplies, sewing materials, or office supplies. Organize that big collection of buttons by size, color, or material so you can find one when you need it. Sort all the hardware that is rolling around in your toolbox into baggies or containers. Or for heaven’s sake, go through your makeup and nail polish and throw all the old stuff out!

Sorting photos or genealogy materials also falls under this influence. Spend some time labeling photos on the back. Have the oldest people in the family tell you who the heck those people are. Start grouping your photos by person, by time period, or by family. Create a binder for your family history research and hole-punch all the papers or put them into sheet protectors. Group and separate the papers by person with tabbed dividers. Don’t forget to label the binders. It’s all in the details.

Details are good. Just don’t get so caught up in the details that you forget to see the whole picture, the progress you are actually making. Don’t become obsessed with perfection and let it ruin an otherwise completely acceptable project. Like my Virgo friend who was remodeling his porch and tore the whole ceiling out and redid it because one corner wasn’t perfectly mitered. Please don’t do that! You may not see a dent in a particularly large area of the house, but believe me, you will notice how much better you feel, a sense of relief, in fact, when you look at that drawer or cupboard and know how beautifully its contents are organized and how easy it will be to get in and find what you want.

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