Sunday , 17 December 2017

Organizing by the Moon: New Moon In Sagittarius

SagittariusI was a whirlwind yesterday. The whole day seemed to be one in which everything worked out almost as perfectly as it could. I got a bunch of cleaning and yard work done, worked on a couple of business projects, and finally got a long-considered arrangement of pictures up on a wall. I knew it was a full moon yesterday, but did not know, until I looked it up this morning, that the moon was in Sagittarius. No wonder yesterday was such a good day for me!

The period of the new moon, which lasts from the exact new moon to the 1st quarter moon one week later, is generally a good time for beginning new projects. So if you have been considering starting or restarting an organizing project, now is a great time! Get things moving, figuratively and literally. Take action now. Begin to go through things, and trust your first i nstincts when making decisions. Open up that first box and look through all the items, sort them out, and then immediately move out the items you have decided to let go.

What makes this new moon special (sort of) is that the sun changed signs from Scorpio to Sagittarius (which is always 00 degrees, 00 minutes) on Nov 22 at 4:38 am (EST) and then just three hours later, the new moon was exact at only 00 degrees, 07 minutes Sagittarius. This put the moon about as close to 00 degrees, 00 minutes Sagittarius as you could get at the same time the sun was in that same position. What that amounts to is a double whammy of the energy, enthusiasm, imagination, and creativity from Sagittarius driving your mood, activities, and projects throughout the day.

Is this a common occurrence? Not really. Between about the 19th and 22nd of each month, the sun moves from one sign to the next. In looking at historical moon transits, it turns out that the moon is usually NOT in the same sign that the sun is moving into right when the sun changes signs.

A lot of that has to do with basic math. The moon cycles every 28 days and we have calendar months that last 30 to 31 days. This means the moon’s cycle is staggered throughout the year and corresponds to slightly different days each month.

This also means that the sun and moon are rarely in sync. There are only three months this year where the sun and moon are nearly exactly at zero degrees in the same sign during a new moon, and those occur in October, November, and December, all of them being single digit minutes.

The moon will remain in Sagittarius for two days, until Monday, Nov 24 at 11:32 am (EST), when it will move into Capricorn. For the rest of the weekend, and through Monday morning, take advantage of that wild horse. Jump on and let it carry you forward! This is your chance to take an express ride! Don’t focus too much on how far you get, because you can’t really control those wild horses, you know. They just sort of go as far as they want to before they decide they’re finished running. Just ride along with it and enjoy the progress you are making.

Just a word of caution though: don’t get caught up in placing your expectations too high or spreading yourself too thin. With Sagittarius, there can be a tendency to push so hard and so fast that you burn yourself out. Take frequent breaks to refresh yourself. Remember, the horse is a sprinting animal, not a long distance runner.

Or you might feel so expansive because of your accomplishments that you begin to think it’s reasonable to get more done than is actually realistic. It is best during these times to set smaller benchmarks to achieve and then celebrate each one as they are reached. This way, you keep your motivation strong and stay focused on what DID get done, rather than criticizing yourself for what didn’t get done.

Because, after all, you never really finish anything, do you? It’s all just one long work in progress!

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