Sunday , 17 December 2017

Organizing by the Moon: An Introduction

new moon to 1st quarter moonI have been an amateur fan of astrology all my life, but only more recently began to pay attention to how the phases of the moon and its aspects were potentially influencing my work and my productivity. We’ve all heard the stories about the number of crimes and accidents going up during the full moon, so I figured why not see if working with the moon could help me with the timing of certain personal and business activities? I try not to run my life by these things, but I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had something happen, or NOT happen, as the case may be, only to find out later there was a correlating lunar phase or aspect.

According to astrology, the moon influences our daily moods and circumstances probably more than any other planet in our solar system. Why is this? Astrologically, the moon represents how we process our emotions, and that influence changes frequently. Think of the moon as a traveler who is very easily influenced by the energy around her; she has a tendency to take on the moods and personality of the people in her surroundings. Imagine now that every couple of days she moves to one of 12 different cities or countries (which are actually the 12 signs of the zodiac) and absorbs the culture, personality, and energy of that location.

This influence, coupled with the weekly phase of the moon, is then projected into our lives and influences how we feel and how we interact with other people. It can also influence the tone of any projects we are undertaking at that time.  Understanding the moon’s phases and aspects can help us plan for times of smooth sailing or anticipate and avoid (or work with) potential obstacles.

I haven’t found an astrologer who focuses on the astrological influence of organizing or business activities, so this is going to be a grand experiment. These posts will be based on my own knowledge and research of astrology as an amateur and my own observations of how the moon might be influencing my ability to get work done.

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