Sunday , 17 December 2017

Organizing Holiday Decorations

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crystal-mr-pumpkinheadCrystal loves to snuggle with Mr. Pumpkinhead; I think I’ve been replaced![/caption]Happy Halloween! Halloween is my favorite holiday! Each year, after the holiday is over, and the decorations are on sale, I do my planning and shopping for the next year. Some decorations may stay the same, some may change. Either way, here is a tip for you I learned the hard way about dealing with holiday decorations and display.

Once you find a system that works for your display, especially in regards to stringing lights, take copious notes about it. Which outlets did you use? Did you use a power strip or multi-outlet adapter? Where was it placed? Which lights were strung together end to end? What was the route of the lights? You may add new electrical components next year, but at least you will have a pattern for the original layout and will much more easily be able to work the new element in.

It is particularly important to note the placement of power strips or multi-outlet adapters so that you don’t end up with a spiderweb of extension cords. Also, take care to make sure any one circuit isn’t overloaded and doesn’t become a fire hazard, especially an overloaded power strip in a bed of dry leaves or under a dry Christmas tree.

When packing decorations, group like items together in a box: for example, all strings of lights, light bulbs, and other lighting fixtures; costume pieces; small props and indoor décor; lawn decorations. Inside the boxes, label any item that is wrapped so you can’t see the item. Write a list of all the items in each box and tape the list to the outside of the box. When you add new items, add the item to the list, or if you have to regroup items into new boxes because one group no longer fits, rewrite the lists. All this will save you an enormous amount of time next year from digging through boxes looking for this or that particular item.

Don’t forget to include your notes about display setup! Now you are all ready for next year and you can open one box at a time and in the right order! Good luck!

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