Sunday , 17 December 2017

Ever wondered what to do with all your old family photos and memorabilia? Afraid to touch some of that old stuff because it’s falling apart? Old, fragile papers and photographs need special treatment to keep them from continuing to disintegrate. Photos, newspapers and letters, even antique collectibles and textiles, such as old clothing and quilts, can all be stored in a way that increases their life span and protects them from further damage. Learn the proper procedures for processing these items, and how to pick out the best storage and display solutions for your most precious family heirlooms. Then you can finally have them safely stored and beautifully displayed for everyone to admire.


Many people now have both paper photos and digital photos to manage, and it can be overwhelming…where to start? Getting your photographic collection in order requires several steps. I’ll guide you through the whole process, or get you started so you can continue on your own. This includes: helping you set the rules for separating your photos into categories, and helping you to find the right storage system for your photos. Digital photos also need organizing. We will work together to create a sorting and/or tagging system for your photos so that any photo is easily found.

Memorabilia & Keepsakes

Memorabilia and personal keepsakes are often a bone of contention for people. Items are usually mixed together with photos or other items. Learn how to separate all your keepsakes into groups that make sense for you, store them in a way that makes them easy to get to, and learn my system for review and management so they don’t get out of control.



Scanning services are available for clients who don’t wish to spend the time to digitize their photos or don’t have the equipment. Other items can also be digitized, such as pages of family history information from bibles, other family history documents, letters, and even memorabilia objects that can be scanned or photographed.

Services coming soon…

In the near future, I am looking forward to offering a digital memory book service. This would include taking your photos and scanned images and creating a hardbound book from them. What a great way to keep your photos accessible; standard books are more compact and lighter than typical photo albums for the number of photos they contain, and since the images are reproductions, the original photos can remain safely stored in archival protection.