Sunday , 17 December 2017

Time Management & Coaching

Time management is becoming a more and more crucial skill for success in all areas of life, whether personal or business. The truth is that we cannot really manage time; we can only manage our actions and the planning of those actions. This is the core of my coaching philosophy around time management. Time Management and Scheduling, as a stand-alone element, refers to the skill of being able to plan how we will use our time, how to set aside blocks of time for specific actions, and finding the tools that best allow us to do that planning. Services include:

  • An analysis of time demands, identification of time-clutter, and recommendations for improvements in efficiency.
  • Detailed coaching on creating new habits for planning and analyzing your time use and scheduling.
  • Tutoring on how to create a weekly and/or daily schedule framework, including flexible options for variable schedules.
  • Guidance in finding a calendar format that works best for your life, business and family.

Task & Project Management

As the fraternal twin to Time Management, Task and Project Management is the actual management and execution of our actions, the component that manifests results. Without these results, our lives suffer, and can produce stress, strained relationships, poor work reviews, and lost income. By mastering Task and Project Management, you can be the best version of yourself and achieve whatever you desire. Services include:

  • Coaching on the construction of a comprehensive Master Task and Project List
  • Instructions for task and project priorities, i.e. how to choose what task to do next.
  • Strategies for juggling multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Reorganizing your desk and/or office with a new processing system to support your tasks and projects.


Green Lifestyle Coaching

Do you want to learn how to live in more environmentally friendly way? Do you recycle but think your environmental efforts could be stepped up? Don’t know what else to do that could impact the environment? Want to reduce your consumption or learn how to live with less?

An integral part of my organizing services is to provide resources to my clients for places to recycle, and donate household objects. In addition, I have personal experience with living an eco-friendly and low-consumption lifestyle, incorporating many green habits. Green lifestyle coaching includes the following:

  • Baby steps toward an eco-friendly and low-consumption lifestyle.
  • Shopping strategies for reducing packaging waste.
  • Detailed coaching on recycling and donating.
  • Suggestions for energy efficiency.
  • Strategies for producing less household waste.
  • Ideas for DIY projects geared to recycle or reduce waste

Distance Coaching

Virtual or distance coaching on any organizing projects, time management or project management projects can be facilitated through phone sessions or video conference sessions.

Almost anything that can be done in person can be done via distance sessions.

  • Household Organizing
  • Office Organizing
  • Time Management Coaching
  • Task and Project Management Coaching
  • Filing Systems – Paper and Digital

Technology requirements: Depending on the subject matter, some sessions could be done entirely over the phone. For sessions conducted via webcam, Client must have a high-speed internet and wireless webcam and web chat account with Gmail, Skype or Oovoo.

One hour minimum. Payment required in advance.