Sunday , 17 December 2017

Free Shredding Day in Lexington, Ky

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shredrecyclePapers seem to breed like bunnies. They appear to appear out of nowhere. I know very few people who have their paperwork under control and don’t have a constant flow to deal with. Most of us, unfortunately, are in a constant state of flood control.

One issue that comes up frequently is how to get rid of all the sensitive materials. Many of us have a personal shredder at home, but it would catch on fire if we tried to feed the boxes of papers through it that we have. So here’s an alternative:

The LFUCG is having a free paper shredding day tomorrow, Saturday, November 10, between 9am and 2pm. This service is for residents only, no businesses. Simply bring up to 5 boxes of papers to the old landfill pad at 1630 Old Frankfort Pike (enter viaJimmie Campbell Dr.). You may leave paper clips and staples in, however, binder clips and other large clips will need to be removed.

If you can’t make it to the shredding drop-off tomorrow, there are several places around town where your papers can be taken for a fee. The Box Stop shipping center on Lansdowne Dr. will shred for 75 cents per pound, Staples and Fed Ex both charge 79 cents per pound, and Office Depot charges 99 cents per pound. Office Depot will shred on-site; all the others collect the papers in a large locked box and an outside shredding service comes by periodically with a shredding truck and shreds the collected papers upon pickup.

I always encourage my clients to shred any papers containing personal information because you just can’t be too careful about preventing identity theft. Please take the opportunity to take advantage of one of these resources to keep your identity and your credit record safe!

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