Sunday , 17 December 2017

Residential Clutter Suppression

Hoarding Response Training for Fire Departments, EMS, and Police.

Program Overview

This training program is designed especially to educate fire and EMS departments about clutter and hoarding. It addresses the lack of social services to this issue and provides tools and resources for fire departments to reach out to residents dealing with excessive clutter.

Keeping in mind the specific challenges firefighters experience, the program provides them the ability to be proactive in dealing with cluttered residents. It teaches first responders how to motivate residents and provide resources for them to remediate and manage the clutter.

This program was developed specifically for firefighters and paramedics, but it brings the unique perspective of a professional organizer, someone who has worked hands-on with these residents for nearly 12 years. It will include answers to all the most frequently asked questions about why people hoard and what first responders need to know about it.

Program materials and resources are customized for each community.

Firefighters CAN make a difference in the lives of cluttered residents. Every resident who reduces their clutter also reduces the risks to first responders.

With this training program, your department personnel will be able to:

  • Understand Hoarding as a mental health disorder.
  • Recognize the difference between true hoarding and excessive clutter.
  • Use a clutter assessment scale to evaluate residential environments.
  • Understand and recognize the patterns of clutter accumulation.
  • Communicate effectively with the resident.
  • Design reporting procedures internally / externally.
  • Provide remediation and maintenance resources to cluttered residents.

Program Elements

  • Live, in-service training / presentation.
  • Video presentation for repeated use.
  • Written material.
  • Clutter assessment scale for first responders.
  • Assistance with creating a local resource list for residents.

For More Information

For questions about pricing or to arrange a training session for your department, please contact Shanna via phone or email.

About the Instructor

shanna-homeShanna Perino is a Certified Professional Organizer who has been working hands-on with residents and their clutter since 2002. After forming a hoarding task force in Lexington KY in 2012, conversations with Lexington Fire Department, Fire Prevention Division led to the realization that procedures for dealing with hoarding residents needed to be changed within the department. A new assessment scale for first responders was created and Shanna taught the in-service training to the Paramedic personnel at LFD.

Shanna is a graduate of the LFD Citizen’s Fire Academy, and certified by the KY State Fire Marshal as a Fire Inspector II. She holds public workshops on organizing and educates civic and state agencies on hoarding. She also conducts educational presentations at conferences for mental health, aging, and housing organizations.

Shanna continues to volunteer her time and services to Fire Departments, educating personnel about hoarding and learning from their experiences with hoarded homes.