Saturday , 21 October 2017

Clutter Free Holiday Gift Ideas

Still haven’t done your holiday shopping? Don’t know what to get the person who already has everything? Here are some clutter-free gift ideas for this season’s gift list:

Personal Experience

A gift certificate (or gift card) to a local “experience” is a great alternative to a “thing” that will just get put in a closet somewhere.

  • Massage
  • Facial or spa body treatment
  • Mani or pedi
  • A full day at a day spa
  • Dinner at their favorite restaurant
  • Concert tickets
  • Gift card to the local movie theatre
  • Tickets to a play or musical
  • Tickets to a museum exhibit
  • Dance lessons, music lessons, art lessons, or any other kind of instructional lessons or course, or a one-day workshop on a favorite topic.


  • Gym or Y
  • Subscription to online periodical
  • Subscription to streaming movie or music website
  • Subscription to paid website of interest (e.g. for the budding genealogist)
  • Gift membership to museum, association, or other organization of interest


For those who can afford to, or have been saving up for, a slightly more lavish gift, consider a trip out of town:

  • One night away – at a cabin, hotel, bed and breakfast, houseboat, camping, etc.
  • A weekend get-away (or longer) to a natural preserve, hot springs spa, amusement park, favorite city, to see a show, etc.
  • A cruise

Services for the Home

Make sure these services are wanted and desired before purchasing, otherwise it could be taken as a slight!

  • Decorating consultant
  • Painting service or other type of home repair service
  • One-time visit or series of visits by a cleaning service
  • A session with a Professional Organizer
  • Have a beloved piece of antique furniture refinished or reupholstered
  • Cover a series of training sessions for a mischievous dog
  • A house-sitter or pet-sitter to stay with the house during a trip

Hopefully, this list gives you some ideas to start with. Now get out there and make this your best clutter-free holiday!

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