Sunday , 17 December 2017

Can an Organizer Help Me With That?­­

During my 15 years as a professional organizer, I can’t count the times somebody has described a situation to me and asked, “Is that something you can help me with?” I see many situations where a person has hit a crisis point in some area of their life, and it never occurs to them that an organizer might be able to help them. They default instead to the more traditional and common options, which may not be as well suited to their particular situation. Most people associate organizing with cleaning out the closet and aren’t aware of the wide variety of ways that an organizer can function.

Organizing encompasses all areas of a person’s life. It can address not only the physical environment, but personal scheduling, time management, financial management, task and project management, and self care.

If you go to the website for the National Association of Organizing and Productivity Professionals,, you can do a search for an organizer in your area. Part of that search includes picking a specialty from a rather long list.

There are “general practice” organizers, who deal with a little bit of all situations and don’t specialize. Other organizers have narrowed their focus to one area of interest and deal exclusively with that type of client. Many organizers will have a specialty they have developed while still operating a general practice.

The areas of specialty are diverse and cover different types of people, categories of work, and physical environments. For example, some organizers won’t work in homes, only in offices and places of business. Some organizers have decided to work exclusively with children, others with the aging population. Another specialty is managing a move/relocation, while some have decided to focus on helping people stay financially organized by organizing financial records, paying bills, and providing bookkeeping services.

Many organizers have dual or multiple certifications, such as a certification in organizing and a certification in ADHD coaching, life coaching, or senior move management.

The field of organizing is still relatively new, so it is still evolving and finding its place in our world, and I suspect it will be for some time to come. So I thought I would start a series of posts called “101 Ways to Use an Organizer,” which will explore all the different types of work that organizers do. Who knows, you may discover that an organizer can help you with something you hadn’t even considered.

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