Sunday , 17 December 2017

101 Ways to Use a Professional Organizer: Organizing Financial Records

financial paperwork

One of the many reasons to hire a professional organizer is to have them help you get your financial records organized. There are a number of things that fall under the umbrella of financial records organizing. It can include creating a filing and storage system for statements from your banks, credit cards, and investments. It can be a way to …

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Organizing by the Moon – New Moon in Virgo September 20, 2017


We have a new moon in Virgo on September 20, and there’s a lot going on with this one. From what I’m seeing, there are several tense aspects overall that are likely to fray the nerves of shy, sensitive Virgo, who is influencing our emotions for the two days leading up the new moon, exact at 1:30 a.m. EDT. Normally a moon …

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Can an Organizer Help Me With That?­­

During my 15 years as a professional organizer, I can’t count the times somebody has described a situation to me and asked, “Is that something you can help me with?” I see many situations where a person has hit a crisis point in some area of their life, and it never occurs to them that an organizer might be able …

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Organizing by the Moon: New Moon In Sagittarius


I was a whirlwind yesterday. The whole day seemed to be one in which everything worked out almost as perfectly as it could. I got a bunch of cleaning and yard work done, worked on a couple of business projects, and finally got a long-considered arrangement of pictures up on a wall. I knew it was a full moon yesterday, …

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Organizing by the Moon: An Introduction

I have been an amateur fan of astrology all my life, but only more recently began to pay attention to how the phases of the moon and its aspects were potentially influencing my work and my productivity. We’ve all heard the stories about the number of crimes and accidents going up during the full moon, so I figured why not …

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Confessions of a Former Extreme Skeptic

Confessions of a Former Extreme Skeptic I have been working on and off with a family for some time now, and wanted to share some incredibly kind words that were sent to me…not by the wife, with whom I usually work directly with, but the husband, a former extreme skeptic. Now…understand that I have dealt with a lot of skeptical …

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Clutter Free Holiday Gift Ideas

Still haven’t done your holiday shopping? Don’t know what to get the person who already has everything? Here are some clutter-free gift ideas for this season’s gift list: Personal Experience A gift certificate (or gift card) to a local “experience” is a great alternative to a “thing” that will just get put in a closet somewhere. Membership Trip For those …

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Declutter and Find Your Mission – One Person Can Make a Difference!

The last few days, I’ve been mulling over the concept of how one person can make a difference in the world. Last week, one of the arts teachers at my arts high school in Los Angeles, Joseph Gatto, the Visual Arts department founder, was murdered in L.A. during an apparent home invasion. It was a senseless, violent death of a …

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Organizing Holiday Decorations

Crystal loves to snuggle with Mr. Pumpkinhead; I think I’ve been replaced![/caption]Happy Halloween! Halloween is my favorite holiday! Each year, after the holiday is over, and the decorations are on sale, I do my planning and shopping for the next year. Some decorations may stay the same, some may change. Either way, here is a tip for you I learned …

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