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Shanna Perino, Professional Organizer, Nashville, TN

In 2001, when I discovered that one could make a living as a Professional Organizer, I had my “Aha Moment” and knew I had finally discovered my calling. I went into business officially in 2002 and have loved every minute of my work ever since!

Prior to becoming an Organizer, I worked in the Hollywood entertainment industry for many years, freelancing in several different technical, production and administrative capacities of film, television and theatre.

Later, a series of administrative jobs gave me a sneak peek at my organizing tendencies, and the last steady job I had before starting my Organizing business was as a library assistant at a major film studio research library. There I learned about cataloging, filing categories and how to care for archival materials.

If there is anything such as an organizing gene, I probably have it, because I have been making lists and organizing things and people ever since I was a child.

Once I began working with Organizing clients, I began to see how all the disparate jobs I’d had applied to my work as an Organizer. I realized that freelancing had been conditioning me to be flexible. Since I was at a new place, with new people, practically every day during that time, I learned how to adapt to many different situations and personalities. Working in the arts also kept my brain balanced – it exercised my creative side even while I was approaching the work logically. In my case, the journey itself was truly just as important as the destination, and continues to be so.

I moved to Lexington, Kentucky in 2006 to be near family and to trade earthquakes for tornadoes. In 2017 I moved to Nashville, Tennessee. In my spare time I like to go dancing (ballroom, swing and Latin), go out with friends, spend time with family and work on personal projects.


I see myself first and foremost as a teacher to my clients, passing on skills and thought processes that will enable them to function independently with their time and their things when I am not around. My motto is “I teach you how to think like an Organizer.”

My ideal client is the person who recognizes they have hit bottom, so to speak, in regards to the level of chaos in their lives. They realize they have a problem over which they have no control, admit they need help from the outside, and are willing to make the necessary, sometimes radical changes to heal and transform their lives.

I don’t consider myself a pushy person when it comes to my clients and their emotional struggles with letting go of clutter. My philosophy is to move the client at a pace comfortable to them, gently pushing when appropriate, and providing gentle honesty when needed, to allow the client to stretch and broaden their thought process, and give their emotions time to adjust.

I do, however, believe in honesty, and will never sugar-coat what I see happening in an attempt to manipulate a client. I believe that facing one’s issues directly is the best way to work through them, and while I always try to phrase things as gently as I can, I will always be honest about what I see happening with a client and their situation.

I’m also a very sentimental person, so I understand people’s feelings about wanting to keep things that are special to them. I always work to find solutions for my clients to keep their special belongings in a way that doesn’t intrude on their living space.

In short, I will never insist on having a client get rid of something, but will instead teach the client how to make the decision for themselves.


  • Certified Professional Organizer®, National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)
  • Level 2 Specialist, Chronic Disorganization, Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD)
  • Fire Inspector II Certification, State of Kentucky; Department of Housing, Buildings & Construction; Division of Fire Prevention
  • Apartment Management Certification, Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles


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Shanna came in, looked around and went right to work. She helped move furniture around for a better working area, organized my desktop, sorted through things to give to charity, and made me feel in control of my world once more. If it weren’t for her, I’d still be sitting in a pile of “stuff” wondering where to start.
– Monica Hess
I am sitting and writing this in what feels like a brand new office. I did not realize the extent that my little piles were clouding my thinking and making it difficult to work.
– Cliff Rayman
I found Shanna to be very knowledgeable and with a few sessions she had my home office neat and clutter free. I also decided to use her skills in designing and organizing my hallway and kitchen pantry closets which are now a joy to use rather than a chore.
– Gary L.
Shanna came over and very patiently and very professionally helped me put my things in order…and before long my mess disappeared and I felt less overwhelmed.
– Theresa E.
Shanna sat down with me and not only showed me how to file my receipts, but set up all my records on Quicken and organized all my bills and expenses into something I could understand and work with…now all I have to do is take my well-organized receipts and my Quicken files to my accountant!
– Leo C.
Shanna’s flexibility in her methods allowed me to feel safe and secure about what was really my life I was sorting through and packing away. She taught me to streamline my life, and categorize my needs in a manner that made sense to me so that when I was left to my own the following days I felt confident, and was able to accomplish mouch more than I expected of myself.
– Sara B.
Shanna was great at dealing with the various personalities of four siblings dealing with a very emotional event. She completely exceeded our expectations and allowed us to move past a very difficult situation.
– John M.
Shanna came to my home and transformed a situation that seemed completely overwhelming to a systematic process that was very easy to follow.
– J.G.
What impressed me the most when we worked together was the speed at which you were able to get things done and your clarity and confidence.
– Cliff R.
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